Thursday, 22 June 2017

Room 8, 9 and 10 Play Based Learning a few Snapshots.....

The "Crane" 
Patrick and Ben worked hard to create a crane from the Lego which they told me also works as a ride at a park!
The Marble Run.
Isaac and his team worked hard in their problem solving to  make a construction that could make the marble travel from the top to the end with out stopping.

The Farm
Kenzie, Olivia, Sam and Tessa all enjoyed creating a farm with the animals through dramatic play. 

Harry produced a fantastic "puppet show" which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Van worked very hard on his block tower.  It even had a place to park the boat. And a look out to watch out for the "baddies"


What a Crazy Day!  I didn't recognise my class!


Room 10s Trip to the Faraday Centre.  What a fantastic trip.  We learnt so much about wheels and we got to explore a lot of machines that use wheels.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Pakiaka - Year 2 Team

Last year a lot of thought went into the changing of the team names we have at HNPS. This was both a result of ERO's recommendation for the school to embrace Maori culture to a greater degree and the recognition we needed a strong framework for our learners to connect with. Historically at HNPS we had the Year 1 team, the Year 2 team, the Middle team and the Senior team. The new concept is around growth and we will deliver this theme through the growth phases of a tree, or more specifically a Kowhai tree.
The Year 1 team will be known as Te Kākano signifying the seed which we recognise has the potential to grow.    
The Year 2 team will be known as Pakiaka which is the root system which continues to grow and flourish once a solid foundation has been laid.
The middle team will be known as Te Rito which is the shoots. These represent new growth and the search to branch out and find new light.
The senior team will be known as Māhuri - this is the young sapling which will continue to grow and go forward into the world with confidence.