Thursday, 21 June 2018

Wacky Wig Wednesday

What a Weird and Wacky Wednesday we had!

Lots of fun and creativity was seen in the Pakiaka team - and some great donations were made for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Basket Ball Bonanza!

Pakiaka have been working with Nick an extremely excellent basketballer.  The children are learning a variety of dribbling and passing skills - showing resilience with these skills.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Go Room 9!! Ice Skating Pros!

Ice Skating Pros

Room 9 loved going Ice Skating. For many this was the first time being on the ice. Children showed resilience not giving up when falling over. So much fun at school!!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Ice Skating - What a Blast!!

What a fabulous way to end the week.  Thrills and Spills galore!
We all loved our Ice Skating experience.  The kids showed such resilience, perseverance - and bravery!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Maths Rotation

Maths Rotations

Each week the Pakiaka team have a maths rotation based on the strand we are covering on class.

We are looking at Measurement this week.  Room 10 were measuring how far their 'rocket launcher' would fire their bomb!

We used a metre ruler a white cuisenaire  rod and a pen.  The pen was used to fire the cube.  In pairs we had turns firing our rocket and recording our measurements down. 
Room 10 had a competition who fired their cube the longest distant. 

Kelly Sports Taste

Kelly Sports Taster

Pakiaka got to have a 'taste' of Kelly Sports.  We had so much fun learning all the different games and skills that Kelly Sports Offer.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing with Melanie

Pakiaka were lucky enough to do screen printing in our rooms with the help of Melanie.

Step 1 -Firstly we had to design a Koru pattern to screen-print onto our T-shirts.
Step 2 -We  drew them in pencil on to card and then went over them in vivid.
Step 3 -We attached the Koru patterns to a mesh screen and we used PVA glue to fill in the gaps outside of the Koru design.
Step 4 Once the PVA glue had dried overnight we then used Indian Ink to cover the Koru with the T-shirt underneath.
Step 5 - Fashion Parade to the school!

Look out our beautiful designs!