Saturday, 22 September 2018



On Friday 21st September the Year 2/3 and 4's were lucky enough to see the SCIENCE road show  SCIENCE IN A VAN

We learnt about mixtures and lots of other was lots of fun.

Check out some of the photos

Miss Washington sat on a seat of hard nails....

Look it didn't even hurt!  HOW COME?


THEN HE USED HELLIUM GAS ...he was determined to make those bubbles touch the roof!

"WOW that was pretty cool didn't you think?"

Procedural Writing

We have been learning how to record and explain how to do or make things...this is what we call Procedural Writing:

The rules for this are:

1)Give your writing a title:

2)Record what you need in list form

3) List sequential steps required to make or do the task.

*EACH STEP is to begin with a BOSSY VERB

So far we have made:





Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Spring Poems published 12th September

I can hear the bees buzz buzzing around me in the air and two birds singing a lovely song in a tree together.
I look up to the beautiful sky and see the shapes of people in Spring and happy faces in the world.

By Lily

I burst out of the slimy and soft soil. Twisting and turning up my thick vine like a lizard squealing up a big brown tree. I can’t believe that I started off with a tiny little golden seed and now I’m a blooming sunflower. I can feel the sunbeams shooting down on me. Every time I get some more sun I grow taller.

By Robbie

I was looking for a drink but snap, somebody cut me off. I look like I’m beautiful and I think I look cool. They gave me water. I feel like I’ve got white petals. I see people, dogs and cats. I can do stuff like pull off my leaves.

By Harry

If I was a flower a blow of the wind would pull one of my petals off. Since I am a flower now I can grow bigger and bigger. I do not really like the soil because… the soil dried up. Oh no. I need the soil, I like the soil. I need to go and get my friends and they will help me and then they will fix the soil.

By Sophie

As I punch my way out of my roots I realize that I am a tall sunflower with my yellow petals. I am nearly taller than a tree, I can see chipmunks in a tree. I have 5 petals on each flower, I can feel lots of rain drops crashing on my petals. I closed my petals because it was getting into winter and I will get cold.

By Fergus

As I slowly rise up into the fresh windy air my smooth and soft petals burst out like a colourful firework. I snuggle in to the shiny green grass. I see bees sucking nectar out of flowers. I see flowers staring at me. I look at my colours, they are purple and pink. I feel my tears drift across my petals. I slowly start to change colours into red. I like to be different, leave me alone. All though it is quite fun to change so I think I will stay like this I guess.

By Eadie

Spring, as I burst out of the thick grass. Blooming out beneath the sun. bees buzzing all around my petals. Oh no, I feel rain plopping over me. It is warming up again now. So many beautiful flowers coming out of the soil. Petals spring out of the side of the flower. Now I can’t wait till summer, there will be lots more flowers.

By Lote

I shoot up like a firework. The trees are waving to me. I brighten up like the boiling hot sum. My petals shine like a pointy white star. I can feel the soft and smooth wind pushing against me. I am the colour of boiling hot firey lava. I am a rose.

By Cooper

I am a red flower smashing the grass. I start to bloom; I am beautiful like a bee. I stand in a flower pot. My friends are a rose, buttercup, daisy and sunflower. My favourite holiday is Daffodil Day.

By Reuben

When I was planted I was growing too fast for my brain. I pushed myself out of that yucky soil and all I could see was rain, hail and wood. I almost got blown over, it was really scary and I hated it. Also I saw a tree and it waved hello to me and then I saw a lake and I had a little sip out of it. It tasted really good.

By Benjamin

I burst out of the soil, I splattered really fast. My shell is shaking; my petals are falling to the ground. I have so many colours, green, red, brown, yellow and a little bit of pink. I feel fantastic.

By Jack

As I was slowly growing in the mud I was turning into a sunflower. I needed a drink so I could grow bigger than a normal flower. I can see other flowers and my own too.

By Emma

I shine like a crystal bursting higher and higher. I am as bright as the sun. I hear the birds singing in the sun. Petals flying onto me, petals bursting out of me. I love it. My stem is bursting like a lizard’s tongue.

By Isabelle

I am a soft flower that shines, blooms, pops out, and starts to grow.  I’m a cute little flower that is very pretty.  Rain rain come to me so I can grow. Pitter pitter pat and drops of rain dripping on my petals.  I am purple, blue, green, red, orange, yellow and pink.  I feel happy to be a flower and I’m a ziz zag spotty flower.  My name is Rosa.  When I blow in the wind I touch the other flowers.
By Saraya

I bloom out of the brown soil and start to grow slowly. 
I am beautiful colours.  I am wriggling on the green juicy grass, sucking all the water and I smell real good.
The only thing I can see is other flowers bashing into me. 
I hear hail and rain drip dropping on my petals.  It feels like I am going to break.
Suddenly I start to grow.
By Frankie

Petals bursting out of me and I wiggle in the seeds and dirt.  I feel the wet, green grass and I can see rain dropping on my petals and I can see the hot sun shining on my face all the time.
I love being a flower.

By Sam

I am a delicious, crispy, dancing, golden daffodil.
I kick out of the disgusting soil and pop out like a baby bird from an egg.
Hurray! I am finally a cute little flower popping out of the soil.
I feel incredible.

By Olivia H

I carefully burst out of my soft soil.  I feel like rain pitter pattering on my soft petals.
I can see the sun shooting onto my beautiful face. Wow! I look blue as the sea and red as roses and yellow as the sun.
I can wiggle onto the grass to suck up the water.
I’m happy being a beautiful flower.
It’s amazing because you can watch the world.

Olivia T

I am a blue yellow and green flower.  I smash out of the brown soil.  I was a seed but today I am not a seed…WAHOO!
I see the world.  It is shiny and wonderful.  Oh no! Somebody almost stepped on me.  Here comes another foot but I am fine now and I will bloom my petals.
I am so close to being an adult flower.  Here comes some rain yay! I am growing and here it goes.  Here comes the sun.  I quickly suck up the water before the Sun does. 
I live in a flower bed patch and my vines grow bigger than all the other flowers BUT I am lonely because all the other flowers are planted away from me.
By Baxter C

I start to pop out of the slimy soil.  I am a beautiful flower with three colours: blue, purple and yellow.  I feel rain sucking up my vines.  I hear the soft breeze on my face.  I blow away on the ground.  I can see other flowers blooming on the green grass.  I like to bloom and show my colours.
I am a LILY!

By Carys

I am a seed now pushing out of the ground.  I feel like I’m blooming already.  I can’t wait to turn into a beautiful sunflower in a few months. 
WAHOO! The rain is coming.  I’m growing a stalk.  Time for bed…actually disco and then I will go to bed.
I am tired. 

By Charlie

ART to follow

I kick out of the hard soil.  My petals have not come out yet but I know I will have beautiful spring petals. 
Soon I am waving about.  I think the outside is nice but I want rain because that way I can grow and not die.  As weeks passed I grow weaker and weaker because there isn’t much rain.  AT last ….it rained for a week and now I will survive for a bit longer.

By Ruby