Thursday, 22 June 2017

Room 8, 9 and 10 Play Based Learning a few Snapshots.....

The "Crane" 
Patrick and Ben worked hard to create a crane from the Lego which they told me also works as a ride at a park!
The Marble Run.
Isaac and his team worked hard in their problem solving to  make a construction that could make the marble travel from the top to the end with out stopping.

The Farm
Kenzie, Olivia, Sam and Tessa all enjoyed creating a farm with the animals through dramatic play. 

Harry produced a fantastic "puppet show" which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Van worked very hard on his block tower.  It even had a place to park the boat. And a look out to watch out for the "baddies"


What a Crazy Day!  I didn't recognise my class!


Room 10s Trip to the Faraday Centre.  What a fantastic trip.  We learnt so much about wheels and we got to explore a lot of machines that use wheels.