Thursday, 12 April 2018

Capillary Action Experiment

Experiment: Walking Water.

Today we learnt all about Capillary Action.

What is Capillary Action?
You've just come in from playing in the hot sun and you decide to pour yourself a cold glass of water. Before you can drink it all, you accidentally knock over the glass and spill some water. You grab a paper towel and put it over the puddle. The water immediately soaks into the paper towel and the counter is dry. You've just used capillary action to clean up your mess!
Capillary action happens when a liquid, like water, moves up through a hollow tube or into a spongy, solid material.

Water moving up through paper towel due to capillary action
This is how flowers and plants move water from the ground beneath them, up through their stems and into their petals and leaves.The paper towel is very 'absorbent': which means there are enough gaps in its fibre for the water to move through easily and quickly. The adhesive force between the water and the paper towel is stronger than the cohesive forces inside the water itself.

We then had fun experimenting with mixing the primary colours.

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